The History Behind
A little about us:

We're just a group of friends that really enjoy old multiplayer games, and we came together to create a community focused on that!

Our main goal, as a community and entity, is to host classic game servers and gamemodes that everyone liked, ones that in our times are decaying or lacking in playable servers.

This whole idea came from a LAN party 5 years ago, where Jawiscript was playing Dark Messiah, one of his favorite old school games. Me (Frenzoid) and Jawiscript talked about how sad it was that some games that we enjoyed a lot didn't have any servers to play on. After that, the idea wasn't brought back until a few years in the future, in a Teamspeak 3 call where we talked about it more thoroughly. We thought about how nice it could be to make a community dedicated to hosting old school game servers. However, we didn't quite have the means to start such a project at the time.

A few years later, a FF2 player called Nezzie was getting tired of the servers she was playing in. One server in particular had it's fair share of issues ranging from abusive staff to blatantly broken weapons. It was on this server where I met Nezzie, and began planning to host our own TF2 FF2 server, where people could enjoy a nice game and also improve their experience from what we've learned from other servers.

After a few weeks of research and VPS tinkering, our first server was up! And thus our community, OldBox, had begun.

The idea of the name came from the classic old box everyone had back then, full of toys resting in a corner of the closet, that with time people forgot about it, but they look at it with nostalgia.

From there on, we just kept growing, striving to host game servers that are not only considered classic by today's standards, but ones people would enjoy.

Currently, hosting servers can be quite costly. As a result, the amount of servers we hosts is limited. Because of this, we want to make sure that people will be playing on a server we host We hope for the best and aim to grow even bigger so that we can host even more servers for you!

The Team
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